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Time and money

Grrr...I thought I could pop into my local Wellcome supermarket at lunchtime to pick up a few things.

Bad idea.

When I went to the checkout I noticed there was a queue.  When I looked closer I saw that it was a long, slow-moving queue. 

The explanation is that they are offering 10% off everything.  Cue arrival of people who have all the time in the world if they can save a few dollars.  Exit exasperated Gweilo.


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Sorry - but isn't this planned "anti-discrimination law" not completely RACIST itself ? I remember a few years ago some replacement was sought for some higher position in the IRD...Somebody suggested to look for a gweilo -others (surely) protested against this idea: "Why a gweilo for this position ?" Answer was: "Because a HK people would not do this job for "this salary...." - as far I remember salary was more than 200K a month - def not including other benefits.......Funny right - I wonder who was discriminated there..........

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