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Spring Rolls

I suppose Spring Rolls (春卷) would be the only dim sum that I recognized from my consumption of "Chinese food" in the UK.  Of course, they weren't quite the same thing, but then what is? 

In fact, there are versions of Spring Roll in various countries around the world, notably Vietnam and Thailand, but I think it's generally agreed that the dim sum one is the original. 

CheungyunThe outer skin is a thin pastry, but I fear that my ignorance of culinary matters is going to become obvious here, because I'm not totally sure what is inside spring rolls.  Actually, I think you can bung almost anything inside - any old combination of meat, shrimps and vegetables that takes your fancy.  Then just stick it in the deep fat frier and off you go (no, this isn't one of the healthier dim sum).

As a result, I regard the humble Spring Roll as something of a bellweather dish - good restaurants have good Spring Roll, poor ones have - well, poor ones.  The outer part should be puffed up but not too greasy, the inside should be tasty.  Sadly, too many of them give the appearance of having been mass-produced, frozen, and defrosted.

As for the Pinyin Yale Romanization, it's something like Cheūn gyún if that's any help to you.


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Whoever told you the Pinyin pronounciation of "Spring Roll" was 'Cheūn gyún' surely didn't know what he or she was talking about.

"PinYin" refers to an official system of pronounciation of MANDARIN, not Cantonese. It's got nothing to do with the Cantonese dialect. So a Cantonese couldn't have told you the Pinyin pronounciation of a Chinese word, unless that was pronounced in Mandarin in the first place.

'Spring Roll' in Mandarin (or Romanised Putonghua, if you will) is "Chun Juan".

'Spring Roll' is situated at the lower end of the Dim Sum spectrum. Not recommended if the restaurant you are in is located likewise in the restaurant spectrum.


My mistake - I meant Yale Romanization, not Pinyin. This gets me in so much trouble!!

Anyway, thanks for pointing it out and I have corrected it.

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