The wrong guy
Good intentions

No thanks

Just had someone from my existing mobile phone company trying to get me to sign a new contract. 

Would I like 1900 minutes per month and a HK$200 supermarket voucher?  No thanks (what would I do with 1900 minutes a month?).

So - would I like to pay the same as I am today but sign a 12 month contract and get a HK$200 supermarket voucher?  No thanks.

So - how about paying less for more minutes on a 24 month contract and get a free phone?  Not really.

Then I asked him if he could offer me a package with GPRS usage included.  No, he didn't think he could, but I could always call their "hotline" to find out.  Some salesman...

Pretty hopeless.    

Which reminds me that Spike was complaining that HK mobile phone companies don't offer big discounts on top of the range phones (he wants the new Treo).  Yes, you can get some good offers in the UK and the States on phones if you sign a contract, but the flip side is that they come with much higher monthly phone bills. 

On the whole I think I'd rather buy the phone I want but pay about US$10 a month for a deal that includes more minutes than I ever use (and remember that in the UK it costs a small fortune to call a mobile phone, whereas here it costs nothing).


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