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April Fool

Poor old Jake van der Kamp was caught out rather badly by an April Fool played by the Lion Rock InstitutePhil spotted that the press release was a spoof, which is actually fairly obvious if you look at their list of anti-trust behaviour - there are some silly Hong Kong examples (McDonalds predatory pricing on ice cream, Ocean Park & Disneyland, Hospital Authority predatory pricing) and then some from overseas (iTunes and Boeing/Airbus) that are a bit more plausible, but the whole list looks like a joke. 

To be fair, the Lion Rock Institute had gone to a considerable amount of trouble in copying the real Civic Party website to make it look genuine if you followed the link on the press release, but they had also sprinkled the document with clues, which Jake managed to miss.  Perhaps he can persuade the SCMP to provide him with a researcher.

The Guardian always runs an April Fool story, but sometimes real stories seem so absurd that it can get confusing.  Saturday's paper had Alex Ferguson saying that the Premiership race was still open, but it turned out he really had said that; and a bizarre story about an artist (Gnarls Barkley) who doesn't exist but who would go to number one in the charts without selling a single CD.  That was also true.

The real April Fool was obvious when you read it, but it appears that the Labour Party may have been fooled, along with some bloggers. 

"Coldplay's music shines with the kind of optimistic vision I want to bring to Britain as a whole," Mr Cameron said yesterday, at an impromptu press conference outside his local organic microbrewery. "And a forward-thinking party can't ignore the 'information superhighway'. So to anyone who cares about the future of this country, I say, look, let's not get bogged down in the old ideologies. Just click on to the world wide web, and listen to what Chris has to say."

Oh brother, I can't, I can't get through,
I've been trying hard to reach you, cause I like the stuff you do,
Oh brother, I can't believe its true,
I'm turning Tory Dave, and my dad says talk to you,
Oh I wanna talk to you.

It was the Converse trainers that did it for me,
I got them in orange, wait till you see,
That's what smashed my illusions about Tony Blair,
His shoes, his suits, his terrible hair,
Gwynnie says his views are very unfair.


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I'm not sure what happened to this post. I checked today and it wasn't there, so I reinstated it. Was it ever there or did I forget to publish it?


Of course I spotted it was a hoax. I was in on it. I did the web site :)

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