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Char Sui Bau

#2 in the Dim Sum series is Char Siu Bau 叉燒包, and please don't tell me I've romanized it incorrectly* because I don't want to know.

Char_sui_bauIt's a fluffy white bun filled with BBQ pork (i.e. pork in a barbecue sauce) and, as you will see from the picture, you normally get three in a basket.  It's a popular little Dim Sum and very widely available (I'd say it was ubiquitous if I knew how to spell it).

In my early Dim Sum days it was quite a favourite of mine, but now I find the bun a bit too, well, fluffy, and the BBQ sauce too sweet, so I'll eat it if it is offered, but I wouldn't order it and I wouldn't fight anyone for the last one.

*If you spell it Cha Xiu Bao (which is Pinyin, I think) it's also the name of a blog about food.


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What I find astonishing is that so few dim sum items are made with cheese.


I'm not sure whether fumier was serious.

Anyway I find it just as astonishing that no 'thousand year old' eggs are found in any European breakfast menu!


Fumier is never serious. He's also obsessed with cheese, so I try to humour him.

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