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Letter of the Week

Grumpy Gweilo

This week I am mainly...being grumpy.

I hate it when things go wrong and I can't do anything about it (as opposed to work - where I hate it when things go wrong and I can't avoid doing something about it).

My LCD monitor stopped working.  That is to say that it started worked for a few seconds and then stopping.  This is incredibly frustrating - there's all this information in my PC, but I can't actually get at it.  To be honest, I was thinking of buying a new monitor anyway (the display has been dodgy for quite a long time, but not so bad that I couldn't use it), but I'd have liked to have had a few days warning that it needed replacing.  For one thing, I could have done some comparison shopping on the Internets.

So I had to buy a new (bigger, better) screen.  Having had such a bad experience with Topcon, I decided that it had to be a bigger name, and in the end I went for Philips.  The display is fine, but I stupidly went for the one with built-in speakers - big mistake (unless you miss the tinny sound of medium wave on a transistor radio).  How can they make a good quality screen and then put such cheap speakers on it?  Rubbish.

Plus, my Broadband Router doesn't work.  Well, all the lights come on, but it won't connect to the Internet, which I feel is probably a bit of a drawback (though on the bright side, it means that no-one else can steal my bandwidth).

So I'm even more grumpy than usual. 


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