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Excuse of the week

The front page of the SCMP over the weekend trumpeted the growth in circulation of both the daily and Sunday editions (up a whopping 4% over the same period last year).

All so much blah blah, but what caught my eye were the excuses they offered for the earlier fall in circulation:

Yes, that'll be 9/11, the dotcom collapse and SARS (I'm surprised they missed out other key factors such as the Asia financial crisis and Harbour Fest, but I guess they didn't want to seem like a bunch of losers who would blame anyone but themselves).   

So it was nothing to do with the SCMP being rubbish, then? 


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Ever since HSBC sold off its shareholding in 1986, the SCMP has steadily deteriorated from outstanding and authoritative to sanctimonious and trivial, except for the cartoonists, one of whom has been around on and off since 1986.

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