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Wot, no British cheese?

From the CitySuper website, about their new store in, er, Sha Tin:

The heaven for cheese-lover! We carry the widest selection of cheese types and products in town, may they from France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan. You name it!

OK, I name it: Stilton, Cheddar, Lancashire, Cheshire...

And I understand French cheese getting prominence, but Japan?  USA? 


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Americans produce something they rather imaginatively call "American cheese", don't they?


You're thinking of sitcoms, there.


Are you working in HK? it seems that you don't like the city much


Worse than that, I live here.


I don't understand. If you hate the city that much, why do you still live there? I suppose you are british, right?


I think that there may be a bit of a clue at the top of every page where it says "the perspective of a Brit living in the New Territories". Yes, I'm British.

I don't hate Hong Kong at all - there are many excellent things about the place, and I do write about them!!


I am not surprised at all. Many of the locals here can't tell Britain from England. Some of them probably believe that English is a language brought to England by the Americans. British cheese?


Hey, what's with the Northern Ireland-bashing? UK cheese, if you please! ;-)

Cheese fan

I've been to Hokkaido twice in the last couple of years. They make pretty good cheeese there ( and cheesecake ). I guess that's where it's from. A lot of chocolate as well. The beers not bad too !

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