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Nothing to do

What to do on a Sunday?  Why not take the MTR to Disneyland?  Nothing to do when you get there (because it's not open yet), of course.  Not that this seemed to deter anyone.

At noon, trains from Sunny Bay to the theme park were full of people eager to see the new station. Many posed for photographs inside the train.

"Although the flow was larger than usual, our operation was quite smooth," an MTR spokeswoman said.

Did I say nothing?  I suppose you could keep a lookout for the wild dogs that are so beloved by the SCMP.  They managed to fashion another front page story on this subject:

They have even chased Hong Kong Disneyland group managing director Don Robinson as he drove into the park on his way to work. Other employees also have complained of being chased and frightened by the dogs.

That's about as dramatic as this "news" story gets.  No-one has been even slightly hurt, but it's still a big worry, I suppose.  Or, then again, maybe it's not.

Possibly if Simon Patkin had his way and concreted over Lantau and Lamma, that would solve the problem.  Or maybe the dogs would find their way over to Quarry Bay.

The SCMP had another non-story on Sunday, headlined Why HK air taxes are sky-high. Except that if you read the story (or even just looked at their chart), it was obvious that these "HK air taxes" were mainly fuel surcharges (imposed by airlines) and miscellaneous taxes levied by foreign airports.


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Am hoping Disneyland will be complete for when I visit HK later this year. Never been to the Disneys in America, nor Paris - may as well make my one on only trip in HK and get it over with! :)

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