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What is that possesses people to spend an entire bus or MTR journey talking loudly into their phones? The Inquirer offers an explanation (old but good):

MANY SAD FOLK who use mobile phones in public, are faking their conversations to make themselves seem important.

According a Rutgers University Center for Mobile Communications Studies report, a surprising number of people make fake phone calls on their cell phones just for the benefit of those around them.  James Katz, a professor of communication at the university, said that in one survey he conducted, more than a quarter of people said they had faked it.

Often it is to cover something up. Like if they are late for work they will wander into the office pretending to be talking to an important customer.  Apparently, the bigger the deal on the phone, the more likely it is to be faked.

Once again, I am not convinced by this "survey", but it's an entertaining thought that the idiots who shout into their phones on the MTR, buses, etc., are actually trying to impress people.

Stop, please!  It doesn't impress me at all.  Like they care...


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Sad, but apparently true. I remember when I got my first mobile phone I was actually embarrassed to answer it in public and would leave it to ring and ring...

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