Hong Kong Storm Warning


I guess I have to say something about what happened in London yesterday.

The British government have been saying for a long time that it was a matter of "when" rather than "if" there was a major terrorist incident in London, and sadly they have been proved right.  Anyone who lived or worked in London when the terrorist threat came from Ireland will not be surprised that it was the transport system that was attacked.  As well as the large number of casualties, it causes huge disruption, and it seems inevitable that there will now be regular closures of stations because of suspicious packages.  Travelling across London is not a lot of fun at the best of times, and when you factor in service disruptions it gets even worse - though people soon become proficient at figuring out alternative routes.

I watched some of the 'rolling news' coverage on BBC World.  Lots of people talking without actually saying anything (because at that time no-one knew exactly what had happened).  The same footage of nothing much happening, repeated endlessly.  So-called experts making generalised comments about these type of incidents.  Basically pointless, because the known facts could be summarised in a five-minute bulletin, but I suppose that now they can do 'rolling news' they feel obliged to do it.   


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