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Hong Kong Storm Warning

Regular readers may know that I am not a big fan of thunderstorm warnings

What's the point of them?  If the storm is actually in progress you can probably work that out for yourself, and they usually only issue a warning when the sky is already dark, minutes before the inevitable downpour (such as at 2 o'clock this afternoon).  Er, thanks - I'd never have guessed that it was going to rain. 

Then they seem curiously reluctant to withdraw the warning after the rain stops.  I spent most of this afternoon stuck inside an office with no sight of the sky, but by the time I went home there was no sign of a storm and no evidence of recent rainfall.  It's now just after 9 pm and there is still no sign of rain here, though I have to admit that there was a solitary flash of lightning about half an hour ago.  Yet the thunderstorm warning has been in force continously for seven hours and is supposed to last till 10 pm.

The only reason I care is that when the thunderstorm warning is in force they close outdoor swimming pools, including the one here where I should be right now, instead of writing this nonsense.   

What on earth would be wrong with closing the pool if there was lightning in the vicinity, but staying open if the weather stayed fine?  Nothing at all, I think you'll find.  Unfortunately the nanny state thinks otherwise.


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