Battle of wits
Hot hot hot


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Excellent find - was just in the process of working out how to do my favorite: poached egg on a slice of Vegemite toast! Don't laugh, it's delicious! Great for hangovers (curing not creating!)

But without a maid and any optimal poaching devices, disaster would surely have followed... until this great find!



All I have ever used for the past 500 years is any old pot, water boiled at max heat, a dash of vinegar and then a really fat egg cracked straight in: two mins later, happiness, no probs.


Excellent, thank you.


I read somewhere that cling film's direct contact with food should be minimised for health reasons. I therefore suggest using a condom instead. I believe that locally made condoms would be ideal for poaching quails' eggs.


fumier ....... oh yes now I remember, years ago a friends mother kept telling us not to wrap cheese in cling film as 'bad' chemicals would leech into the cheese.

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