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More useful advice

Simon got there first with some useful advice from today's SCMP:

Couples have been warned not to rush into sex because the hormones released during orgasm can blind people to the true value of their relationship. Patricia Love, a counsellor on love and marriage, said the effects of the hormones could make an "alcoholic with seven kids seem like a good catch".

I sometimes wonder if these people just think up daft things to say so that they can get their names in the newspaper.

Meanwhile, on a similar theme, yesterday's Guardian mentions another interesting theory:

Alan Riley, professor of sexual medicine at the University of Central Lancashire has discovered that, while men appear to be on a five-day cycle when it comes to wanting sex, women are on a 10-day cycle. In other words, for a bloke the alarm goes off five days after they last had sex, and they want it again, whereas for women the clock is still ticking away and would do so happily for another five days.

Oh, sorry, it's a discovery not a theory.


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Nicholas Liu

Lost me at 'men appear to be on a five-day cycle when it comes to wanting sex'.

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