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It's not just me, then...

I have been having strange problems when viewing web pages recently, and it seems that the culprit is Mia's site.  Confirmation comes from Madame Chiang, who seems to be having it worse than me - she gets "hellfire and havoc" (in IE and Firefox), my browser just behaves very sluggishly [I use SlimBrowser, which is based on IE, mainly because it has tabbed browsing and groups].

I've no idea why this might happen.  Anyone else got any clues?

UPDATE: Mia has moved


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A chorus of "me too"s resounds (remember AOL users first getting their hands on Usenet!). It completely chokes Safari - has done for some time now!


I think I've discovered what it is. View Source ->Copy into a text editor that can show line numbers -> look at line 833 - tons of "font" and "span" tags. I think Blogger did go nuts for her, but if she deletes that post it might fix it.


Not only that, when I do view the page in Firefox, my processor's going flatout at 100% according to Activity Monitor. Quit Firefox - everything back to normal.


Another blog that gives me problems is "Chase me ladies" like this:Yesterday a Bogotá doctor was arrested for sewing cocaine into people’s legs. Weird characters. Caused by him composing his posts in MS Word. If I change my Text Encoding from Default to Unicode, the problem characters disappear.


Oh well it would have be helpful if one of you had mentioned that to me!


Try here


the 100% CPU is probably due to the little flash bits on the page, like the clocks.

Flickr boxes do it to me. If you install ADBlock (, you can selectively block things like that until the CPU usage gets under control.


Thanks for the link.

No clocks at my new place, but I've had the clocks for months, odd that they just started causing problems a few weeks ago.
And yes, flicker boxes do that to me as well.


It wasn't the clocks - it was the multiple tags on that one post.

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