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Spike over at Hongkie Town is complaining that he can no longer get a multiple-entry visa to go to China, and instead has to make do with a six-month dual-entry visa (costing near HK$1,000).  That's not very good!

Six months ago when I last renewed my visa I complained about the cost, but now I am wondering whether I'll have the same problem as Spike next time.  Or perhaps this is just aimed at Americans.

I won't repeat what I wrote last time, but you have to wonder whether it's really in China's best interests to stop people coming to spend money.  Politics again, I suppose. 


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Only for Americans. We're singled out because of making it so difficult for Chinese to get visas to go to the U.S., the new trade tariffs and all the noise about revaluing the RMB. For everyone else, the existing policies remain as they were. Any idea how I can get rid of my American passport and get something else?


Spike, you may be eligible for a European passport of some description depending on your ancestry. I believe that you mentioned being Jewish before, so maybe you could get an Israeli passport.

On the China visas, the rules are quite different if you have a permanent ID card. I have a three year, unlimited entry[1] visa which cost me $900 last year. Mind you, I have an Irish passport and Ireland and China are doing a lot of business at the moment.

[1] The only limitation that I can see is that I can't stay for more than 30 days at a time.

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