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Apparently Fumier is a fan of the light entertainment show on TVB Jade on Sunday nights (sorry, I don't know its name).  The most bizarre segment is some sort of quiz, wherein the penalty for a wrong answer is that your chair is sent flying backwards, a folding umbrella is thrown at you, and then water starts pouring down.  Hilariously, the umbrellas often have large holes in them, so even if the starlets catch them, they still get wet.

Remember that this is prime time entertainment on the most popular channel in Hong Kong, not something on an obscure cable channel.  Many (many) years ago, "It's a Knockout" was popular on British television, but it was dropped by the BBC more than twenty years ago.  Oh, and there was "Tiswas", but that was ostensibly for children (though very popular with students) and it was on a Saturday morning, not prime-time, and also more than 20 years ago.   

Ah, yes, Sally James.  For Monsieur Fumier, it's the wet t-shirt aspect that seems to appeal, but this is TVB Jade (not OTT), so disappointment is surely the order of the day.  Which leaves us with what exactly?  Not much, I fear.

Well, there always Shooting Stars on BBC Prime, I suppose.      


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