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"others who don't blog often like Fumier, Ordinary Gweilo.." [a comment from HKMacs on Simon World]

Well, maybe.

I seem to have contracted the dreaded lurgy that the aforesaid Fumier and Dr Shaky have also been suffering from.  The first day I felt a bit under the weather, but the second, third and fourth days I felt fairly terrible (symptoms here) and on the fifth day I was back to feeling a bit rough.  Since then I seem to have been recovering quite slowly, but now, finally, I feel almost human again. 

Anyway, aren't March and April supposed to be quite pleasant in Hong Kong?  I'm fed up with this wet and windy stuff...

I'd like to say that normal service will be resumed shortly, but the truth is that I am still rather busy at work and for all my good intentions I am not sure that there will be much improvement till later this month.  Feel free to add messages of encouragement, but I doubt that they'll make any difference.


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Hope you're feeling better soon and if that leads to more posting then all the better.


The point I was trying to put across was that quality not quantity was what made HK blogs better. I wish I could type properly and at reasonable speed then I might post more often myself!

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