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More Hong Kong blogs that other people have come across.  By a strange coincidence, all four bloggers seem to be female, and two are teachers.

New Territories is from a teacher at the Chinese University near Sha Tin.  Appears to be an American.

Pulled in many directions Thoughts of a kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong, again apparently an American.  She notes that her probation period has been extended by two months, which probably isn't a very encouraging sign!!

Present Perfect is quite entertaining, so presumably the author is not an American.

Also, Madame Chiang, which I only just noticed, though she does already link to me.  Also worth a look, and apparently Scottish!!

Meanwhile, Simon appears to have installed a dozen or so hyperactive bloggers for the week that he is away, and each is writing 2 or 3 posts every day.  I struggle to read what Simon normally churns out, and I certainly can't keep up with these guys!   


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Madame Chiang

Very definitely Scottish! Thanks for the link.


Ha ha ha...just don't go so far as to take a pool for the date I quit/am let go. It's been one of those things...one day I feel up the next I'm down with the fishies. I hope to get my footing soon.


Are you implying that Americans have no sense of humor or do not know how to write?

We invented humor. The french freeze like deer on a highway when we throw Jerry Lewis in their face.

Asians still need to learn about timing--and the use of silence in their acts---thats why in most comedies everything is put in fast forward. Timing baby...timing.

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