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Tunnel Vision


I was slightly puzzled by this story from Associated Press on The Guardian website, headlined Next Hong Kong Leader to Serve Five Years.  The story, of course says "two years rather than five".

Fumier has a long and sensible post complaining that the SCMP and Standard have misrepresented the Law Society's position on whether the government was right to ask Beijing to interpret Article 46 of the Basic Law.  I won't summarize what he has written, so you'll have to read it yourself.

I have only one other thing to say about this fiasco, and it is this.  When the story of Mr Tung's impending resignation first emerged, one of the early concerns was apparently that Beijing would install Donald Tsang for a 5 year term before the existing Election Committee was disbanded.  Tsang bad, 5 year term bad, apparently.  Then it turned out that Tsang was the good guy, and a 5 year term was really what we wanted.  Well, I'm glad we got that one sorted out. 


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