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Via Fumier, another Hong Kong blog, The Solbourne Identity, from a Malaysian living here.  The author cheerfully admits that his is a boring, personal blog, so that's fair enough.

More entertainingly, David Webb has some fun at the expense of property developers worrying that they have exhausted the supply of nouns and are now reduced to using adjectives, such as The Grandiose for a development in Tseung Kwan O.  If they've run out of English nouns, French names seem to be quite popular as well (isn't there something called Les Saisons in Sai Wan Ho?), but very often the Cantonese name, which is what most people use, is totally different.

There's blanket TV advertising right now for the new one with a hole in it atop Kowloon Station.  The brochure rather imaginatively pretends that it will be surrounded by greenery, which seems unlikely, but at least they do appear to be advertising the property they are selling, rather than an attractive chateau in France. It's not cheap.


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