Going Underground

"I'm on the Northern Line"

The BBC reports that passengers will be able to use their mobile phones on stations on the London Underground by 2008, finally being able to do something that has been possible on the MTR in Hong Kong for several years.

However, there is some opposition to this apparently unremarkable idea:

But both the Lib Dems and the Conservatives warned the new technology could enable terrorists to carry out attacks from above ground

Concerns were raised by the Liberal Democrats last year about the security risks of such plans. Former London mayoral candidate, Simon Hughes, said mobiles were a "cheap and effective long range detonator". He added: "Using mobiles on the deep line sections... is unnecessary. Texting is a luxury, security is not."

Well, I have to agree with Simon Hughes that texting is a luxury, but does he really think that terrorists have been planning to plant bombs on underground trains but been thwarted by the lack of mobile phone coverage?  Seems unlikely.

What they need is a device that limits calls to 30 seconds.  Long enough to say where are you but not long enough to annoy your fellow passengers.


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please note it's only available in stations, not in tunnels, well, at least not as yet.....so according to Simon Hughes, you will be pretty safe (in terms of bombs) when you are travelling on the train in the tunnel, anywhere else in the station, you pray...


Phew....make love, not war - thats my goal in life!!!


Actually, you've got to love chatting your time away on the MTR. It's better than realizing that wherever you look you're staring at someone. And for the most part people are quite decent about it unless you get one of those guys from the mainland and they just yell their asses off in to people's faces.

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