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Hong Kong blogs

[This list is now very out-of-date and most of the links don't work]

Anson Mak Maybe not strictly a blog, but some interesting musings on life in Hong Kong by two expats married to local ladies.

Big White Guy Is it a blog?  Not sure. A Canadian photographer and writer living in the New Territories offers comments on life in Hong Kong.

Bunny Bytes Quite an amusing personal blog from a German-Filipino lady living in Hong Kong.

Cha Xiu Bao It's a blog. About food. Mainly Chinese, but not exclusively.

Capitalist Solutions in Hong Kong A disciple of Ayn Rand tells us what's wrong with Hong Kong.

Chatter Garden An online community for news and discussion about Hong Kong regional politics and public affairs created by journalism students at the University of Hong Kong.

Cloudless A photoblog about Hong Kong

Combustion Engine

Dave’s Wibblings

Dai Tou Lam An American on Peng Chau.   

Dim Sum Mum Triplets and a toddler and apparently time for blogging. Yikes.

Discombobulated Mia A British lady writing about her life in Hong Kong, her love life (or sometimes the lack thereof) and other personal stuff. 

Dreams can come true

Earth Blue

EastSouthWestNorth  Probably the most serious blog on this list.  Some interesting articles translated from Chinese, and as many estimates of the number of marchers on July 1st as you could possibly want.


Evolution in a Revolution

Faintly f'kd    A fan of Hong Kong Cable TV

Flying Chair    Long-time blogger with opinions on current affairs in Hong Kong. 

Friends Disenchanted A Brit newly arrived in Hong Kong, and living on Lamma.

Fumier    Writes about driving (poor standard of) in Hong Kong.  Can be quite amusing in a droll sort of way.

Gai Zao

Glory Glory Tottenham Hotsblog    Not really about football


Glutter   Very personal blog about democracy in Hong Kong, music and other stuff.

Hemlock’s Diary   Possibly not a blog, but can be very funny.  Bills himself as Hong Kong’s most obnoxious expat.  A combination of a fictionalised diary and commentary on the shortcomings of Hong Kong’s government.

HKMacs       Lives on Lamma.  Does things with Apple Macs for a living.  Photographs his dinner to fill space on the blog.

Hongkie Town      An American in Hong Kong who obviously enjoys the “nightlife” here. 

Hanzi Smatter

HK 1997

Julie Leung

Juni's Fut Fut Forever

Keaner Dot Net

Kee Yeung


L’il read writerhood

London Calling

Madame Shutterfly       A photographer publishes her photographs, sometimes with a commentary.

Milton J. MadisonMing and Ping

Misohoni Diary of a web designer and football fan

Nevin's Photolog

Nude King

Present Perfect   

Procrastinating Muddle Puddle

Pulled in many directions Thoughts of a kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong

Racing Mix

Ranhasadotcom    Bit weird, but worth a look.

See Lai   Rather odd combination of tales of the author’s experiences doing business in China, his personal life, and girlie pics.  Hugely popular for one of these three.

Shaky Kaiser   Another Brit living the expat life to the full.  Geeky but amusing.

Simon World    Over-keen blogger, nice guy, quite comprehensive updates on business-related and political issues in Hong Kong.  Used to have more about his three kids, but now focused on blogs and politics.

Shit Sandwich

Silent Dreams 2.0

Stone Camel



Spirit Fingers   Amusing commentary on fashion disasters. 

Super K

Sweet Chariots    Another Brit, a colleague of Simon’s, writes about rugby and buying marmalade in Hong Kong supermarkets.

underneath the microbeats

United Bingdom

Waah!   Bits and pieces from another Brit who appears to work in the IT industry. 

Yoga Yuga


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Hong Kong Blogs

Rice Bowl Journals Hong Kong Listings


Best Blogs in Asia

Hemlock's Guide ("The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Hong Kong Blogs")

Glutter's guide

Asia Blog Awards


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Do livejournal counts? i used to have a personal website but for now everything is in livejournal format. (i am considering archiving my past entries to LJ anyway.)

underneath the microbeats:

a lil info about me.. i was born in HK but moved to San Francisco when i was ten. Went to upstate NY for college and now i'm in HK for a change of scenery.

though i DO reserve my rights about being homesick and wanting to go back to the states :)


My God, how did you have time to find all of those blogs?

I suggest another comment for mine:

"Written by a devastatingly handsome and erudite Australian."

Also I note you omitted George Adam's blog.



I didn't find them as such, but Glutter had a long list a few weeks ago and I copied from there. I have to admit that I haven't got round to reading most of them.

You other suggestion is noted - when this devastatingly handsome and erudite bloke takes over from you, just let me know and I'll update the listing!

Sure. I'll try to add you to the listing tonight!


I'm not a Hong Kong blogger, but this is the second time I've been on a list as one. Did you check out Yan's list?


Hmm, I see I've been taken off :(


Giles - I took you off my sidebar because your site wasn't updated for weeks and weeks. However, I have added you to the A-Z list and also added your 'Best Blogs in Asia' thingy.

Jessica - yes, I copied you from Yan's list. I've now removed you.


Food shots are by popular demand!


Cheers for putting me back, I will update it soon - got some family problems to attend to at the moment...


There is a HK blog listing site which categorize by train station locations:

And please add my photoblog site if you don't mind:


"a lady"



Thanks for linking me, but I am not a Hong Kong blogger. I live in California. :P

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