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I have to say that I am quite impressed with the new Mac mini, though I suspect that the headline price of US$499 is not what most people will be paying after they have added on everything they want (bigger hard drive, DVD writer, etc.).  Nevertheless, it does seem much more affordable than previous Macs.    

Designoptical20050111I have steered clear of Macs thus far, for two main reasons – the price and the availability of software.  This seems to fix the price issue (there’s an interesting article here comparing the Mac mini with a basic Dell PC), so we are left with the question of software.  It seems that the Mac mini comes with a reasonable bundle of software, and I suppose that now Microsoft have adopted their more restrictive licensing policy it isn’t possible to transfer Office to a new PC (is it?) so that takes away one reason to stick with the PC platform.

I’m no expert on operating systems, but I suppose Apple has an advantage here.  Not so much with stabilty (XP is a big improvement on earlier versions of Windows) but with viruses, spyware and popups, all of which are real aggravations for Windows users.  Yes, you can install tools to protect yourself, but they usually seem to almost be more trouble than they are worth, severely restricting what you can do or just being inconvenient to use.

The small size is a real advantage in Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, and prices for monitors and keyboards are very competitive so a quick trip to Sham Shui Po (or Wan Chai computer centre for the posh people on Hong Kong side) will soon have that sorted out.    

I’m certainly tempted.


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oooh make the switch!

of course, one more concern for the HK folks.. that it's easier to get "cheap" software for the PC than for Mac.. Hong Kong is very PC-centric.. so you may have trouble finding things, such as peripherals.. and random softwares.. to work for Macs.

and then of course.. there's always Virtual PC.. which works fine for me.


"The small size is a real advantage in Hong Kong, where space is at a premium..."

The cliches and trivia just go on and on.

Why not dry up for a while and see if anyone misses you?


Trolls and stalkers notwithstanding, compactness is a serious selling point. I switched to one of those Shuttle PCs, with a big hard one, for that reason, and have put my 500 CDs in the garage having transferred them to the PC. And no one uses CRT screens in HK any more. Why, even the totty is more compact in HK.

By the way, is this the first photo on your site?


Fumier - Have you forgotten my cheese photographs?

Dear Mr Troll,
I thought you were funnier when you were pretending to be a Swedish person. But please do come back when you have something interesting to say.


With the fly?


Which do your perfer? Plastic or wire coathangers?

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