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Paint your way to peace

It's sometimes hard to make sense of what is happening in Northern Ireland, but the absurdity of the situation was rather nicely captured by this leader in The Guardian.  In case you haven't been following the story, the DUP (led by that cuddly religious chap, Rev. Ian Paisley) wants the destruction of IRA weapons to be photographed, whereas Sinn Fein is against it.  The Guardian has an idea:

Photography is too literal a medium for representing events that mean such different things. The key is thus to find a more flexible means of portraying the weapons destruction.

The answer to this lies with visual artists. For instance, both communities have vigorous traditions of wall painting. If a unionist painter and a republican painter could witness the act of weapons destruction - alongside the generals and clerics - they could each then paint it as they saw fit. The destroyed weapons would have to be represented accurately, but the remaining depiction would lie with the artists.


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