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On second thoughts...

Well, that was a surprise.  The two property developers involved in Hunghom Peninsula (Sun Hung Kai Properties and New World Development) have announced that they will be bowing to public pressure and upgrading rather than demolishing the apartments:

The developers said they had abandoned their original plan because they did not want to foster discord in Hong Kong society. 

It seems that SHKP (who have a good reputation in Hong Kong for the quality of their housing developments) realize that the bad publicity could be quite damaging to them.  This is unusual in Hong Kong, where companies usually take the cynical view that public pressure can be resisted and that most Hong Kong people will not be surprised or upset that a company is trying to maximise its profit.  Plus, of course, we don't have that much choice - for example, if you want to buy a new apartment there aren't that many developers to choose from, and if you want to shop in a supermarket there is even less choice.

After last year's government climb-down on Article 23, now we have a large company taking notice of public opinion.  Is this a trend?


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