On second thoughts...
Let them build whatever they want

At least it's not run by a drunk

This piece from Harry made me laugh:

The British Council is better than most language schools. It’s run by the UK Foreign Office: all the other language schools I worked at were run by drunks. They could use this in pamphlets as their "unique selling point." It would be an improvement on “Creating Opportunity for People Worldwide,” which is the current slogan.

At least it's not run by a drunk.

I suppose Britain hasn't really had a drunk as Foreign Secretary since George Brown nearly 40 years ago, so I guess this claim is quite valid.

Harry is planning his return to Hong Kong to resume his old job of teaching English, though I can't help feeling that travelling around South America creates more promising material for a blog.  However, teaching English presumably pays better (unless Harry is also smuggling drugs on the quiet).   


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