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Out in the cold

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Gweilos think the weather is great, whilst locals dress up warmly and are deeply puzzled by people like me walking around in shirt sleeves.

What puzzles me is why these same people also insist on having the aircon turned to freezing in the office, and the wear coats or jackets to stay warm.  Hey, here's an idea - adjust the aircon.

A friend of mine is in the UK at the moment, and he is complaining about the weather over there.  With some justification, I think.  Yesterday, it was snowing:

And temperatures are expected to plunge even further.

A Met Office spokesman said: "These downfalls caught us completely by surprise - but we should brace ourselves for more icy blasts over the next few days. Temperatures could fall below zero before the weekend."

Today in Hong Kong temperatures range from 23-27 degrees Celsius, up a little from earlier in the week.  That's not cold, by any definition!


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Careful what you say... if they adjust the aircon, then the thriving fashion industry will suffer since they won't be able to offload this year's Winter collections. I think there is a law against that.

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