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Sorry, I'm banging on about The Apprentice again.  I'll keep it brief.

Last week, Trump fired Bradford for messing with the stoopid immunity rule.  This week it got worse - he fired Stacie for being way too weird and upsetting her fellow contestants (sorry, team members).  We can't have that, he said in his best kindly old uncle voice.  Never mind that she wasn't the reason the team lost, and there were two or three people who had messed up and deserved to be fired.  No, let's have another dramatic decision from Mr Trump.   

Two thoughts come to mind.  The first is whether he would done the same thing if one of the guys had been acting a bit weird (er, hello, Raj).  The second is that Omarosa was much, much, worse than Stacie, and yet she survived for a scarily long time (before coming back to haunt poor old Kwame).

So what was it that Stacie did?  Not much.  She did some weird stuff with a magic 8-ball, she had the temerity to show some initiative by trying to hire some temps to sell ice cream, and then she may or may not have told her team members that she was in the wrong location (but only "half a block" out, as George noted caustically).  Truth is that she fell out with the rest of her team, and they ganged up on her.  Trump fell for it and she was gone.

Perhaps next week he'll fire Bill.  Anything's possible, frankly.   


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