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Four more years

Well, the Olympics seem to have finished.

It wasn't easy, but I managed to avoid most of it. I wasn't really paying attention, but it seems that the thing was actually quite successful in spite of all the gloom and doom that we heard for the months and years leading up to it. Construction may only have been completed at the last minute, but who expected anything else?

Now the Greeks have a whole pile of expensive sporting facilities, a spectacular new earthquake-proof (but rather pointless) bridge, plus an upgraded airport and public transport system. I hope they think it was worth it! (Clue: it wasn't)

I remember reading a few years ago about the jingoistic and selective coverage provided by the US networks, and thinking how terrible it was. What was the matter with me? In the States all you see and hear are the American competitors, in the UK all you hear about are the Brits (showjumping, rowing, weird sailing) and here in Hong Kong it's all about the Chinese divers, table tennis and badminton players, and shooters). It's the same everywhere.

Actually, I've been slightly surprised by the way that Hong Kong people have become so enthusiastic about the performance of the Chinese team. Was it the same four years ago?


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Well, I was the same 4 years ago, or even 8 years ago. In my points of view, we all are Chinese whatsoever. HK people do support Chinese team is understandable...well at least that's what I think.

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