Four more years


Last night, Simon had his baby headwetting in Lan Kwai Fong, and the cream* of Hong Kong's blogging community turned up to join the celebrations. We started in Stormy Weather, Phil dragged us into Bulldog's and after I left they went on somewhere else. The beer and champagne flowed freely, and there must be a few people with sore heads this morning!

The prize for the blogger who looks most how I expected goes to Giles (Sweet Chariots). Runners-up prizes go to HKMacs, Shaky,Shandyman, and Phil.

As you might expect, we congratulated each other on the good work we all do, and bitched about the bloggers who weren't present (though I won't boost their egos by naming them). It seems we all know quite a lot about most of the "anonymous" bloggers except for those of us who are quite convinced that Spirit Fingers is a man. Well, stranger things have happened!

A good time was had by all, and we must do it again sometime.

*thick stuff that rises to the top


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Indeed. It was good. Pictures are up BTW in my private photos section. I think you escaped being in any...


Good - I'm not very photogenic.

Just a thought - anyone registering for "private photos" may be expecting something more racy than a group of bloggers drinking beer.


Yeah but bearing in mind not everyone wants their mug published to the whole world it seemed more appropriate to put these in the private one.


hmmmm... looks most like expected. not sure if that's good or bad.

Spirit Fingers

One day I will turn up and dazzle everyone with my femininity. Or lack thereof. *flounce*


I'm still upset George Adams didn't show.

Next time it's Spirit Fingers and Mia as hostesses.


Is Conrad not invited to any of these do's? Perhaps you should consider it. He could bring everyone a filipina.


Of course he's invited. However, I think that those who want a Filipina already have one - or know where to get them. We'd invite Conrad for his urbane charm and ready wit.

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