The price is right (if you're an American)
A pint of beer, some bread and a slab of your finest cheese

Just sign here, please.

Henry from Waah is feeling unloved right now because no-one is posting any comments to his blog. So I'll link to his post about credit card signatures, referring to this prank. I can confirm that no-one seem to care about the signature on the credit card slip.

A former boss of mine, a gweilo with a fairly obviously Western name, used to test this out in restaurants. Waiters seemed quite unconcerned when his colleagues who were obviously Chinese signed the credit card slip with a signature that was clearly quite different. They just don't care, apparently.


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Yer link "prank" goes to http://localhost BTW but that wasn't the point of my comment. Nobody really cares what you sign on a creditcard - they get the money anyway. But what really used to hack me off a few years ago was when restaurants insisted you signed the bill as well. I think it was to stop theivery by the staff or something. Anyway I bridled at that and always signed as Adolf Hitler and nobody gave a damn. Dontcha just love Hong Kong!

P.S. I'm getting no comments either - so please comment away!


Link corrected. Thanks!

Many Hong Kong restaurants still insist that you sign the bill. Seems like a waste of time to me.


I am not getting comments either but since I relaunched the site only half completed that might be because you can't leave any yet. Working on it.

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