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EPL on Cable TV - sofa, so good

Well, the EPL season has started, and we finally get to discover what joys Cable TV have in store for us. First impressions are reasonably favourable, all things considered.

It seems that they will be showing 7 of the 10 games from each weekend's fixtures live (including two simultaneously as ESPN/Star Sports did), and then repeating these games endlessly on the new EPL channel (63). Then, joy of joys, the three games that weren't shown live will be be slotted into the schedule towards the end of the week. So, I think that this means that every game will be shown in full, which is certainly more than ESPN/Star Sports were able to offer last season. It's also more than is available in the UK (though extended highlights of all the games are now available the same day).

The English commentary still comes from the same team, but this time with the added bonus of expert analysts. Last night's game between Palace and Norwich had Trevor Francis alongside Martin Tyler. So, nothing to complain about there (if we choose to ignore my opinion of Tricky Trev).

The presenters in the studio were smartly dressed and there was no sign of any comedy or light entertainment, so perhaps they have taken on board the criticism of 'Euro a Go Go'. My wife said they talked rubbish, but what does she know? Anyway, I don't really care as long they don't dress in orange and green clothes and jump up and down excitedly.

So certainly a lot better than my worst fears, and I really don't think there's too much to complain about.


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But I couldn't keep my eyes off all three of their Adam's apples. Weird.


I still pretty much dislike the fact that they don't show the post match reaction/comments by the coaches of both teams.

Despite me not knowing your wife, as a Chinese speaker, your wife is quite right, they really talked rubbish, ESPN's punditry is much better than those CableTV crap.

Once again, maybe it's just me who has prejudice. I just couldn't take in translated chinese names of people who ain't chinese.

Mind you, they have a stupid show called 'EPL a-go-go' every thursday, which would probably be very similar to 'Euro a-go-go' during Euro 2004

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