Short intermission


So what's been happening whilst I've been away?

Babies seem to the theme - Simon and his colleague Giles seem to have become fathers for the 3rd and 2nd times respectively. Simon is having a celebration on Wednesday, and I will try to pop along for an hour or so. Congratulations to both gentlemen and their wives!!

Simon celebrated the birth by getting his site redesigned. It looks good, but I hate the narrow column of text running down the middle of the screen on the front page - this seems to be a common problem (most of the Typepad templates have the same flaw) and I find it hard to read the text. Shaky had a design like that for a while, but has changed it a few times since and it now fills the screen. Let's not carp though - I continue to be amazed by the amount of effort that Simon manages to put into his site, which is now a year old, incidentally, and it was his fault that I started doing this (I figured if he could do it, then so could I). Plus, last time I was rude about him, I got into big trouble!

Shaky is also celebrating his first anniversary, though I had imagined that he'd been around longer. He also spends a lot of time messing around with his site, but he doesn't have a wife or kids so there is plenty of time in the day.

Phil is back in business (yes, I know this happened before I went away) and has not just redesigned his site but totally re-built it. I suppose I can just about understand that it is more satisfying to do it all yourself rather than using MT or Wordpress or Blogger or Typepad, but I would never attempt such a thing. Anyway, the site looks good, and it's great to have Phil back (even if he is threatening to run his Asia Blog awards again).

Goodness me, even NTSCMP had a decent story (about John Egan not really being a 'top' lawyer), but they really shouldn't use ideas (Hong Kong Olympic sports in full) that have appeared in Spike when they are continually whingeing about their jokes being stolen by the same publication! Funniest piece was the marvellous combination of arrogance and paranoia that has George implying that the Chinese government is deliberately meddling with their web design to sabotage the site. Yeah, right.

Some things never change.


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paranoid is the right word.

i betcha he never leaves his squatter hut in stanley.


Oh, my head


i see that george/qq is back to slamming bloggers.

i love how he twists the truth and leaves out facts.

what a retard.


QQ, that asshole, never notice such good things, like BWG's charity drive, or Simon's party with people having good time meeting up.



Not the South China Morning Post (Crap Front Page section) on 5th September 2004 reveals what many have suspected. Immersed in self-importance and solipsism, NTSCMP is now clearly a blog, though not the first of its kind, certainly in Asia. Slamming blogs was the lead item above the fold - well, crappy "jokes" should be sidelined, shouldn't they? They have them all the time. Perhaps NTSCMP editor Adams ought to tell his imaginary staff they're fired in September. Down with those gin and tonics and leave the flat, Adams. There's SATYRE out there somewhere!


Good grief! Is this what you are reduced to, George? Posting comments here under an assumed name in an effort to stir up some controversy is pathetic, even by your standards.

By the way, it doesn't seem to be working.

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