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He's stolen my title

I read this in The Guardian last week, and now it's on the BBC news site, so it must be true.

Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury is upset because Michael Moore's new film is called "Farenheit 9/11", and he feels that the title was stolen from his own book "Farenheit 451".

How pathetic. You'd think that he would realize that this is what is usually called 'homage' rather than stealing. No-one is going to watch this movie thinking it was written by Ray Bradbury! However, it might increase interest in his book (or the film). The BBC story says that "Bradbury [..]would rather avoid litigation. Probably because he doesn't have a case. You'd think that he'd have a friend or advisor who would tell him that he is being ridiculous.

What does he think he 'owns' - the word farenheit, or the number 1?


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John Doe

With a little controversy, yet another artist generates publicity for himself. Moore did the same thing earlier eh.


Well, I'd have more respect for him if I thought it was a publicity stunt, but it doesn't exactly read that way. He seemed genuinely upset and puzzled that someone should "steal his title".

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