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Cheese, glorious cheese

I recently made one of my rare visits to the Great Food Hall in Pacific Place. I think I may have mentioned before that I find this place very frustrating - the prices always seem too high, and the selection of products seems a touch eccentric - and so I usually end up not buying very much. However, this time I had a pleasant surprise. No, they haven't suddenly reduced all their prices, but they did have something I wanted but had almost given up hope of finding.


Yes, decent English cheese. After moaning about the poor selection of industrial English cheeses they stocked, I wasn't expecting much. However, they have obviously had a change of heart, and currently they have a few truckles (as I believe we call them) of Lancashire, Stilton and Cheddar, which appear to have come from Neals Yard Dairy. As this is the company that runs two of the best cheese shops in the UK, the quality should be good. Prices are high, but not unreasonably so (or at least that's what I am trying to persuade myself).

Naturally, I am fully expecting that this will be a one-off and these cheeses won't be seen again, but who knows? Anyway, go and buy some today - you know it makes sense.


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