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Showing his true colours

George Adams claims that his stupid website is in favour of press freedom and against censorship. Except, it seems, when China blocks access to some blogs (in case you missed the story, Typepad blogs such as this one are currently blocked in China):

From QQ in Peking

China’s on-line community breathed a sigh of relief today as the communist government announced that it would block access to blogs published using the TypePad and systems until further notice.“This is in line with president Hu Jintao’s ‘people first’ policy,” said a Xinhua spokeswoman, noting that the excruciatingly boring output of bloggers was deterring people from using the Internet, and adding that she only ever looked at NTSCMP.

Student Zhou Guo-an expressed her approval of the measure.“I love surfing the net to practice my English,” she said, “but I keep finding these terrible columns by really dull people, going on about their pets and their families, or cutting and pasting things I've already read in the newspapers and making childish comments about them. President Hu is a great man for protecting us from this tedious tide of trash,” adds Ms Zhou, who plans to become an advertising copywriter and has been reading NTSCMP since the 1990s.

A visit to the Great Wall Cyber Café, revealed that some dire blogs are still getting through. Within 10 minutes QQ encountered a bizarre piece by Big White Guy, expressing shock that a spastics association would use the word ‘spastics’. “ When you try to close the window,” said Mr Deng, the dwarfish, chain-smoking proprietor, “you have to expect some flies to still get in."

Is it possible to be more idiotic than this? The other aspect of this is that George's argument is that blogs are silly, pointless, things. True enough, of course, but most bloggers are honest enough to admit this rather than pretending that what they are doing is important and worthy, as George does with NTSCMP. However, there can be no argument that many blogs (particularly about and from China) contain informative and incisive commentary on what is happening in the PRC. Some of it is wrong and misguided, of course, but it is certainly constitiutes freedom of expression. Something that the government of the PRC and Mr George Adams obviously find unsettling.


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Ena B

Whoooosh!!!! I don't think you're supposed to take it literally.


I don't think anyone takes George seriously, especially when he still proudly displays endorsements that were written a long time ago when NTSCMP actually had a point. However, he has clearly said that he thinks all blogs are a waste of Internet bandwidth and so when he publishes stuff like that it's fair to assume that it is all part of his senseless campaign against blogs.

I just don't see how any website that claims to be against censorship can think it's clever to publish anything that appears to endorse censorship of any media, however repellent George may find blogs.

The truth, of course, is that NTSCMP isn't what it pretends to be. It is no different from most blogs in that reflects the personal foibles, interests and prejudices of its author(s). If George would admit that and stop pretending that he is important then I would be quite happy for him to have his fun at our expense.



Can I put it to you that this is what he wants, goading responses from people to help his site along. It's better to just ignore him like everyone else in the world.


You're right, but I just can't resist it.

Deep Throat

This just in:

A wannabe critic of Hong Kong blogs and web sites today admitted he was an insufferable jerk with nothing better to do.

Identifying himself only as Dr. X, the man confirmed he was a cynical, angry little man so desperate for attention he believed attacking popular web sites was his key to fame: "I knew if I baited them long enough, sooner or later some would angrily reply and link back to my pathetic excuse for a satirical web site, which was my goal all along."

"I'm so desperate to get hits, the only way I can do it is piggyback on the success of others, as my ideas are tired and shopworn," he whined. He pointed to his attack on a lawyer as proof of his success: "I really gave that man a royal what-for."

Dr. X. also admitted that he "was a wanker but could do nothing about it." This reporter found that to be truthful. Dr. X. was as unpleasant in person as on his site.

Furthermore, he confessed to inventing multiple personas to make it look as though he had more people working on his site than just himself: "I have to validate my existence somehow. By surrounding myself with my imaginary friends, who all think the same way I do, I have support for my inane viewpoints. That's why I also create posts under fictitious names in my own moribund forum - no one else reads it."

Moreover, he said that constantly referring to the "greatness" of his site was was the only way he could feel good about his declining traffic.

"Sooner or later at least one person will realise I'm a satirical genius," he lamented while pouring his considerably poor Photoshop skills into yet another unfunny cartoon joke - the staple of his content. Dr. X. readily declared he did this regularly to disguise the fact he had no content worth reading.

Adam George

Well said, that man.


I just peeked at the forum of one. Old Georgie is so intent on slagging me, he can't even tell when I've put an April Fool's joke on the site.

He thinks I feel for my own trick. Git.

I see he edited your post, Chris. The man just can't stand being caught out.

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