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I am amazed that some people manage to read so many blogs. No criticism of anyone else intended here, but I don't spend my time at work reading blogs or updating this one (except for the very rare occasions when I post before I start work, and the odd comment or two here and there). When I get home, I don't want to spend every evening in front of the computer, and obviously it takes time to write this rubbish.

So, as a result, there are several blogs that I look at only very rarely, and one or two that I really should make more effort to read regularly. One is the astonishing Everyday Stranger. When I last read it, Helen was not having a good time, and in truth I found it a little uncomfortable to read about the breakup of her marriage and other problems. Now she is separated and has moved to London, where she has a 'dream job' and a boyfriend, and life is good.

She writes very well, which certainly helps, but you can't help feeling happy for her that things seem to be finally working out well. The only problem I have is that I am amazed that anyone should write so openly about their life, and as a result the cynic in me can't get rid of the nagging doubt that perhaps it isn't all true. Ignore me, though, and read this blog - it's fascinating stuff.


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It's all real. I promise (although I have changed the names in my blog, to protect myself and them).


Helen's blog is great, mostly because she's a great person. That she is so honest about herself and her emotions is why it is so popular - because she often says what others have felt.


I wish I knew what happened to Helen. I still search. I hope the everyday stranger is out there somewhere and is happy.


I miss Helen too. Reading about her life - I was going through so much at the same time. My heart went out to her. I celebrated for her and was sad for her. Wonderful writing. I hope she’s been happy. Funny how people we truly barely know impact our lives sometimes.


I was just talking to a coworker about blogs I used to read regularly and loved. Suddenly, Everyday Stranger and Helen/Shannon popped into my head. Now I am searching the internet high and low to find her. This blog came up in my search and I saw that Helen actually commented! Does anyone know if she is still writing and where I can find her?!


I too miss reading about Gorby and the lemonheads (they must be so big by now!), and I hope Helen is managing her EDS.

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