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Blogs by humans, ads by robots

I love these ads that some people have on their blog. Giles at Sweet Chariots has "Exclusive Insider Intelligence Analysis by Israeli Experts" and "Latest Israeli and Jewish News Worldwide", plus searches for "hamas" and "hong kong radio". I assume this "ad by Google" was prompted by his article about the new leader of Hamas.  Targeted advertising - never fails. 

Business Week, meanwhile has a piece about the EU battle with Microsoft, accompanied by an ad for, yes, Microsoft


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Eh? an ad on my blog? where? when? i certainly haven't put anything on there knowingly, tho as simon will tesitify my techie skills and understanding leave a lot to be desired and i might well have do it UNknowingly.


Hi Giles, it's the blogspot banner on top which gets fed Google AdSense ads..


So, Giles, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to influence the Google NonSense robot to put a particular advert at the top of your blog.


that? i've never looked at it before. assuming i can't get rid of it i shall see what i can come up with for my ad's. will have to watch a while to see how it works

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