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Hong Kong not so good–Airport Express

Well, not really - the Airport Express is generally very good.

The trains now terminate at Asiaworld-Expo, which is odd for an airport express, but it brings the MTR some additional revenue and normally it doesn’t create a problem

Except when, after a concert, the trains arrive at the airport full of passengers.

That means standing room only, and sometimes barely even that.

That’s not good enough when you are paying a premium fare.  A one-way Airport Express ticket to Hong Kong station costs $100.  Fares for events at Asiaworld-Expo are significantly cheaper (e.g. $36 each way to Hong Kong station if you use your Octopus card and make a return trip, which is what most people will do).

OK, the Airport Express do offer many different discounts, but the best deal from the airport is still around $70 - double the AsiaWorld-Expo price (and many people either don’t qualify for discounts, or don’t know about them).

And, yes they did recently increase the price of group tickets by around 12%.  They seem to have kept that quiet.

Given that there is plenty of spare capacity, couldn’t they run extra trains, starting at the airport?  Or restrict the Asiaworld-Expo passengers to one half of the train and put airport passengers in the other half?  They have done that in the past when there were big exhibitions (though that is different, because you don’t get a surge of people at one time).

Not only are the trains full, but there are then very long queues for taxis at AE stations – which is not what you want when you have spent several hours traveling to Hong Kong.  The solution for that should be even simpler – surely taxi drivers would respond if they knew there was demand?


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