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March 03, 2013


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More comments from pslhk (Pierce Lam):
pslhk Feb 22nd 2013
bmr, thanks for the discussion
My reply will be brief because (a) I’ll have a meeting this morning (b) nothing requires urgent resolution.
Declaration of self-interest: I’m half Cantonese; children speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English and another foreign language. There is no question of being linguistically “Chinese” chauvinistic. Nothing in your arguments is unanticipated. English being a common medium of communication is well recognized. As Peter Lok, former aviation head noted, English is spoken in Airbus Industrie.

Proportionality is the issue.
The colonial practice of segregated language education is disgusting and should be criminalized.

pslhk Feb 22nd 2013
What's in a name?
At wit's end, piteously
name calling is your last trick
I don't feel your hate-the-white-man feeling in Pierce Lam's letter
which is certainly your own
I do recognize that he despises dumb and loud trash
regardless of color; and of course,
white trash sympathises with white trash

Mickey Mao

well, I think the 'Pierce' bit is actually the Chinese way of pronouncing PS:
read on (and guess what my ex profession was)
Pierce Lam (does PS sound like Pierce ?) and this I believe his son Dennis Kai-Fu Lam is a co-director in his company

Address (辦公地址): Suite B, 6/F Lee Kee Commercial Building 221-227 Queen's Road Central , Central, Hong Kong

Bruce Landon

Pierce Lam vs. ESF
For the latest development, see his reply to Andrew Nunn in SCMP Letters on Tuesday, the 12th

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