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All fingers and thumbs

What is with people and their mobile phones?  There was a crazy woman in the airport today, chattering away on her phone whilst trying to complete the normally unchallenging business of getting through the automated immigration channel.

You might think that putting your thumb on the reader would be easy enough, but this half-wit put her index finger down instead.  Not just once, but three times.  And with long pauses inbetween, whilst she talked on her phone.

Eventually the Immigration Officer came and escorted her out.  I think they should refuse entry to anyone without the wit to know the difference between their thumb and forefinger.


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Escorted her out? When immigration officers don't know the difference between their thumb and their index finger, then things have reached a pretty pass.


I'm not sure that the immigration officer could see what the stupid woman was doing, or perhaps he sent her back to teach her a lesson.

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