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When I used to go on holiday to France, the Michelin Guide was essential reading - when you are somewhere unfamiliar you can't go far wrong choosing a restaurant from the Red Guide  Find a place with a red R you are pretty much guaranteed good quality food at a reasonable price, and once you get to the rosettes you are getting exceptional food (albeit at a price to match).

However, the Michelin Guide is a guide to French food in France.  I wouldn't take their recommendations for Indian or Chinese food very seriously, and I don't think any of the overseas editions are quite so authoritative.  Well, OK, it's probably safe to say that French-style restaurants in the UK that get rosettes are going to be pretty good, but I have visited a few Indian restaurants in the UK that are in the Michelin Guide and not been particularly impressed.

Now there's a guide for Hong Kong & Macau, with predictably hilarious results.  They have given three rosettes to one restaurant from Macau and one from Hong Kong, and there are 7 places with two rosettes, and 14 with one rosette (all in Hong Kong).

You can see the list over at Cha Xiu Bao, and frankly I haven't visited enough of the restaurants to make any detailed comments, except to observe that it's a trifle odd to find that two branches from the Lei Garden chain are supposedly in the top 22 restaurants in Hong Kong (a couple more of their branches are also listed).

Perfectly decent Cantonese food (if you like that sort of thing), but nothing exceptional - and I rather doubt that they would be so generous to a restaurant chain in operating in, say, Paris.

As a general rule, I wouldn't ask French people to recommend good restaurants in Hong Kong any more than I would ask a Hong Kong resident for advice on eating in France.  I think there may be a moral here somewhere.


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