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September 02, 2008


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Richard H

As a Toon fan - see my blog - this is Newcastle at its absolute stark-raving maddest. Following Newcastle is head-bangingly frustrating at the best of times, but this takes it to a stratospheric new level.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when Mike Ashley arrived - and then again when he took the debt off our books. Following that good start, who would have thought that he could make England's worst managed club even worse? Not me.

But he did it! Sometimes I think we should just take an influx of young and ambitious Wharton/Harvard MBA types and let them have a shot. At least they are qualified managers.


All this confusion is so disrespectful to Kev - he deserves far better treatment. If he walks now, the Toon board will be lynched by black and white stripey mob. Where does Wise fit in, in all this?

Richard H

It seems likes it a case of Keegan vs. Wisey. One has to go. And I don't see many banners outside St. James' saying "Don't go Wisey!"....

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