Lotus Notes - what is it good for?

Me too

From The Valley:

When I got home Mrs "The Valley" snatched the fruit from me as I walked in the door. She then retreated into the kitchen for a full inspection. After a few nervous moments she emerged holding a mandarin in the air and, with a surprised look, gave me the thumbs up. Phew! No bollocking this time - I can bask in the temporary glory of a menial job well done.

Yess...  I have been told in no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to choose oranges.  Only women can do this, apparently.  What a puzzling world we live in.

I have added The Valley to my list of HK Blogs, and made a few other changes.  There really wasn't any point in linking to Mackered when it has disappeared.  So my theory was correct, but I just picked the wrong blog as an example.


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Ah good. It was a pain having to scroll the archives because i forgot where ' the valley' was. Love all these blogs, so much to find humorous about another culture!!

First time I've heard the women-only oranges theory... hmmm

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